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Barrier Animal Healthcare now leads the field for providing wholly different solutions to animal health and hygiene. The first company to specialise in a range of entirely natural, non-toxic, non-irritant healthcare products especially for equine use, the primary emphasis is on making products that work, are kind to the animal, the user and to the environment, and so the founders spent years of dabbling' in alternative solutions to chemicals.

The equine range now extends to twenty-eight products and includes our revolutionary agricultural herbicide for the control of ragwort, a range of body washes, shampoos, fungicidal hoof care products, louse powder; the only one that can be applied directly to the animal and is The Soil Association Certified as suitable for use in organic farming systems. Click on 'The Soil Association Logo' to find out more about our Soil Association agricultural products.

Our equine range is probably best known for our 'No 1' selling Super Plus Fly Repellent, especially formulated to keep the largest of flying insects including midge, bots, horseflies at bay and most importantly to help calm the allergic reaction caused by the saliva of the biting midge. (Known medically as 'Sweet Itch'). Voted 'Best Buy' in Horse Magazine with a score of 15/15 for Effectiveness, Staying Power and Value for money. Tried & trusted by thousands, it has been even further improved for the 2002-2005 season to ensure it stays 'No 1'.

'Even stronger, its lasts longer, but just as kind with sensitive horses in mind'

Our Clipping Oil was also voted 'Best Buy' in Horse Magazine, once again receiving the highest possible score of 15/15.

Now that the warmer weather is here! Our high quality, no-rinse formula Body Washes are a must for around the yard.
Lavender Wash is a super quality non-rinse body wash especially designed for use after exercise or competition. It contains only the purest high-grade concentrated lavender and coconut derivatives chosen for their cleaning and conditioning qualities.

Revitalising Wash with Spearmint & Peppermint is a light soothing natural wash, which provides a refreshing and cooling massage for your horse/pony without chilling the animal. Spearmint and peppermint are truly wonderful natural oils to use on hot sticky summer days after exercise or competition.

Shampoo & Showshine Conditioner is a unique gentle anti-bacterial two in one shampoo with exceptional conditioning properties designed for the show horse and pony. It contains only the very best quality ingredients to clean away bacteria and fungi with ease and ensure the coat is kept in pristine condition - flat not fluffed.

Don't be sorry! Protect your horse from the effects of the sun, with Sunburn Soother a must for horses with sensitive skin. Gives factor 25 protection and soothes raw and sore areas.

Anti-bacterial Eye & Nose Lotion is another of our products which is ideal for the warmer weather and associated conditions. It is gentle, yet strong enough to prevent bacteria accumulating and remove discharge from the eyes and nose. Helps to soothe raw areas and keep disease carrying nuisance flies away from eyes and nasal passages.

Our Complete Equine Range
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  • Aloe Vera Gel

  • Aloe Vera Juice

  • Anti-Bacterial Eye & Nose Lotion

  • Anti-Bacterial Skin Spray suitable for all animals

  • Anti-itch Soothing Shampoo

  • Citronella Fresh Deodorising Spray with Lavender

  • Embrocation Spray

  • Enhanced Formula Fly Repellent

  • Equine V1 - Virucidal disinfectant

  • Event Grease

  • Fungicidal Hoof Oil

  • Grass & Stable Stain Remover - Spray-On

  • Heel to Hoof Soothing Cream

  • Lavender Wash

  • Livestock Louse Powder

  • NEW Citrus Wash

  • Parasite Repel

  • Pesky Pest Wash

  • Purple Spray with Chamomile, Tea Tree, Lavender & Arnica - for all animals

  • Revitalising Wash with Spearmint and Peppermint

  • Sheath Cleanser

  • Sunburn Protector 25 - for horses, ponies and smaller pets

  • Super Plus Fly Repellent with Avocado Coat Conditioner

  • Tangle Free & Silky

  • Tick Control - For Larger Animals

  • White Ice

  • Yum Yum Anti-bite

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