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Anti-Bacterial Skin Spray suitable for all animals

Anti-bacterial Skin Spray is suitable for use on all animals and is an ideal addition to your first-aid box. It is suitable to use directly onto minor cuts, grazes, scabs and red areas. Quickly absorbed into the skin, it works to ensure ideal conditions for natural healing. Use only as a temporary measure on small cuts.

Directions for use: Spray directly to minor cuts such as kicks, wire cuts, over-reach and cracked heels. Should only be used as a temporary measure for larger wounds.

Insect Bites and Summer Allergies : Anti-Bacterial Skin Spray stops the need to rub almost immediately. Apply to areas affected by Sweet Itch to soothe and calm irritation.

Sensitivity: Anti-bacterial Skin Spray is a very kind and gentle formula and is pH balanced especially for equine use. Humans and animals rarely suffer allergies to natural products but if your horse is very sensitive, we recommend that you carry our a small patch first.

Safety Data: As with all our animal healthcare products, the Anti-Bacterial skin spray is made using only natural, non-toxic, non-irritant ingredients which are kind to the user, the animal and the environment. Suitable for use in organic systems. All of our products are free from prohibited substances under current F.E.I. and BHR of Great Britain Rules.

Storage: Keep in a cool dry place. Do not leave in direct sun light.

Endorsements: �A few weeks ago, I contacted your company with a query about my Arabian mare rubbing her mane. You kindly supplied me with Anti-bacterial Skin Spray. Well it certainly got tried. After washing my mare and thoroughly rinsing I applied the spray and over the following few days sprayed it once a day. She stopped rubbing overnight and the rawness had gone within a couple of days. I then massaged some of your Barrier�s Aloe Vera Gel into her mane and it is now long enough to lie over. As you can imagine with an Arab, the mane is her pride and joy, so it did look awful for a while. I would never be without your spray now and I have also used it when she was trodden on in the field and had a cut on the coronary band. Again I used the spray for a few days and the lovely cool Aloe Vera Gel, it really works!! Thank you so much for a wonderful range of natural products.� - Sue Beadle, Uckfield, E. Sussex

�I bought this skin spray as a last attempt. My horse has a serious skin condition in her legs which the vet has said will not get better. I have been using this product for one month and the scabs have healed and her hair has grown back. All the swelling has gone and my vet is amazed. Thank you so much. - Elaine Linton.

�The skin spray is one of my favourite products to keep on the yard, in case of any scrapes and sores. If given the chance, one horse in particular tends to rub his tail and dock area raw on the wire holding a telegraph pole in position. I tend to use the Super Plus Fly Repellent during the day but each evening I spray the affected area with the skin spray. It is wonderful and really seems to do the trick, soothing and calming the area. So far this year I�ve managed to keep his tail from resembling a toilet brush and from getting too sore, inflamed and bald! - Vicky Parnell, Sedbury, Glos.
'I'm not one to write reviews or feedback on products I buy but I just wanted to write to you to say how thrilled I am with your heel to hoof product. My 19 yr old horse has suffered with mud fever for the past 7 or 8 years and I've tried various products with different levels of success. This year he has had it particularly bad. He has 3 white legs and one was especially bad with large crusty scabs. I was using other well known products every couple of days without any success and the scabs were increasing. It got to the point where he wouldn't let me touch the leg and was on bute for the discomfort. A friend recommended your product and I bought a tub (not sure why I wasn't aware you did a mud fever product, I've used your flyspray for years as its the only one that works!!). I washed his legs to get them clean and dry, then applied your product and massaged it into his legs, rubbing it into the scabs. I was so pleased the next day when I checked his legs and most of the scabs had come off, the rest came off as I washed his legs. I repeated the washing and applying the cream that night and after only 3 applications he has a fraction of the scabs he had before and they're now ready to come off. His skin is starting to look less chapped and sore already and he's happier with me touching them. The cream goes on so well, it's not like glue as with some other products and you can rub it right into the skin. It's literally improved his condition overnight! He still has a way to go before his legs are all clear but I will be sticking with heel to hoof and recommending it to anyone who's horse has mud fever. Thankyou for another fantastic product, it's great to have something that works, is easy to apply and is accepted by my horse!
Just wanted to let you know that Bonzo is officially mud fever free! I think the dry weather has helped but since using the Anti bacterial skin spray with the Heel to Hoof he's just got better and better. His skin has fully repaired and he's no longer sore. Even looking at bringing him back into work! Thanks, Jane Watson & Bonzo, Churwell, Leeds

Availability: Available at all saddlers/tack shops and pet specialists. Also available at many online shops with quick delivery options. Alternatively, if your local outlet is out of stock, they will usually order it in for you if asked.

Available Pack Sizes : 200ml - Anti-Bacterial Skin Spray comes in a handy size, useful for any first aid box or grooming kit. The quiet action trigger has an adjustable nozzle which varies from a wide fine mist spray to a sharp jet spray ideal for the thicker coat.

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