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Tangle Free & Silky

Tangle Free & Silky is a unique 100% natural non-greasy conditioner for manes, tails and coats. Deep conditions each strand of hair, leaving it strong, tangle free and silky.

Uses: A lovely non-greasy product gives great finishing touches to your horse and pony. Ideal for use on manes, tails and costs to detangle and condition with ease. A must when quartermarking, plaiting or grooming to give the coat a luxurious shine and flat finish. Regular use helps prevent the build-up of dirt.

Directions for use: Shake well. Spray directly onto wet or dry hair. Comb througth manes and tails to detangle and condition with ease.

Contents: 100% high grade natural herbal derivatives.

FEI & HRA Rules: No materials have knowingly been included in this product that may contravene these rules.

Award Winner: We are pleased to report that Barrier Animal Healthcare Tangle Free & Silky has won Best Value for mane and tail products/coat glosses in April Horse&Rider tried and tested. Barrier Animal Healthcare prides itself on top quality, 100% natural, effective products that you can trust at affordable prices. Two top quality products that do an excellent job on all types of manes, tails and coats are ‘Tangle Free & Silky for manes, tails & coats’ (Available in 500ml quiet action trigger spray) & Free Flow & Shine knot & dreadlock detangler’ (Available in 200ml). Tangle Free & Silky is a unique, natural conditioner to regularly mist through dry or wet hair to deep condition and prevent the build-up of dirt. Containing pure natural silk protein it deep conditions each strand of hair giving a luxurious shine and flat finish. ‘Free Flow & Shine knot & dreadlock detangler’ is very concentrated and great for Native ponies tackling thick unruly tangled manes, tails, feathers and even dreadlocks. Includes UV protection, is not sticky or oily, and will not dry out the hair. FREE from all prohibited substances under current FEI & HRA rules.

Endorsements & Tried & Tested: 'This is a great product for keeping your horses' mane and tail looking good. I try to avoid brushing as it removes too much hair. Instead, I prefer to use a conditioning spray, such as this one, every other day. This tangle free and silky was very effective. It prevented the hair from becoming matted and I could then just run my fingers through it to separate the hairs. It also added a lovely sheen to the hair. I thought it lived up to the name - there were no tangles and the hair was lovely and soft.'
- Sarah Braithwaite, Horse & Rider Reader.

This product was tested on thick native manes and tails, which hadn't been touched all winter. Even though my ponies hadn't been bathed; it still left them in excellent condition, without tangles or residue. In my opinion a must for every grooming box. It will definitely be in mine this season. Score 10 out of 10.
- Ellen Austin. June 2003.

Gorgeous smell!! Really fruity and smells good enough to use yourself! All in one pump spray for manes, tails, coats and quarter markings. Leaves a lovely flat shine on the coat, and conditioned the tail beautifully. Non slippery finish so can be used on the longer native manes. A great product for every day and good enough for shows.
- Charlotte Platton for Showing World Magazine.
My horse Smallfry has a very thin tail. I use Tangle Free & Silky daily to keep his tail tangle free and in top condition.
- Jeanetta La Four, BHSII, Senior Panel Judge for BSHC & RH, CHAPS, BSPA & SHB.

Pack Size: Available in a 500ml, quiet, fine action trigger spray to ensure even coverage.

Safety Data: Non-toxic, Non-irritant. No harmful chemicals. No artificial thickeners.

Storage: Keep in a cool dry place. Keep out of direct sun light.

Suppliers: Available through all major saddlers and agricultural merchants. Simply enter your county in the box blow to find your nearest stockist.

Available Pack Sizes : 500ml

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